Shopify + Merch.Music

Expose your brand

Install the App, ready your art and expose it through amazing merchandise to the world. All done with our easy to use app, available from the shopify app store.

Shopify + Merch.Music

Add a wide range of unique and cool products, keep up to date with latest industry trends and be in the cutting edge of merch through your shopify brand store.

Sell globally, produced locally

Use our unified platform to sell merchandise with your eCommerce brand. We make sure its produced locally, and delivered to to your customer.


Install the Merch.Music app

Look up the app on the shopify app store and install it with one click of a button


Set-up, Lift-off and take over the world

With a few easy clicks your account for Merch.Music will be set up and you can start selling products with zero hassle


Select your merchandise products

Get rid of stock inventory and print every merchandise piece directly on demand and avoid huge costs. We will handle the rest, you just select the coolest merchandise to sell.

Create what you want with Shopify + Merch.Music