Meet Merch.Music

Merch.Music is part of the Helloprint group, one of the global leaders in Printed & Merchandise products. With a staggering 50 million product options and a global print network of over 300 local producers, we’re are able to produce and ship on a global scale.

Our Customer Service team of 100 people speaks 22 languages and is ready to serve you 24/7.


Laser focussed for your brand!

The team has years of experience in making sure your product portfolio is on point for all your brand needs. We work tirelessly to find, curate and bring to marketing the most unique & desired products sl your brand can really stand out.


Market leader in printed products

Ad part of the helloprint group we have the advantage of a large organisation for support and the flexibility of small start-up. Helloprint is a world leader in printed products and we use that knowledge to full effect.